Monday, 27 June 2011

Homunculus Concept

As promised, here's the Homunculus concept I sent to the Intel AppUp fund*.

Homunculus: War of the Alchemists

A top-down turn-based RPG in the search-and-challenge style of the Pokemon series of games. Wander around a broad and fairly open world, locating enemies and challenging them, delving through deep dungeons for the treasures they hide. There are riches to be made and a legend to be forged.

The catch? You yourself are weak. You are not a warrior... you are an Alchemist, a forger of elements and a creator of life itself. Your quest is to find the Great Secrets of Alchemy; the Perfect Solvent, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Elixir of Eternal Youth. To do this you will need to quest into the darkest corners of the world, battle monsters and defeat other Alchemists to steal their secrets and the unique Elements they hide. How can you fight monsters? With monsters of your own.

The Alchemist can manufacture any element he has discovered and can combine them in many hundreds of ways to create new and stranger elements. And together with the Element of Life and Monstertronic 5000, the Alchemist can use these elements to create strange and powerful creatures to defend him and attack his enemies. Discovering new kinds of monster and new mixtures that modify their statistics in hundreds of ways makes up most of the game's difficulty curve, while questing through the world provides its depth. We'll build an intriguing fantasy world of sorcerer-princes and amazing monsters to explore and exploit.

The aim of the game is to appeal to the grinding impulse that is so ingrained in so many players while still tying it into a characterful and interesting world and story.

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