Monday, 7 March 2016

Node connector points calculate nicely and without unnecessary overhead (my first pass on it was embarrassingly poor, so I immediately redid it). Worked first time, too - I always feel a bit suspicious when that happens :D

I also turned on Box2D's Continuous Physics mode because the change in physics scaling has led to some rather unfortunate tunnelling issues with the axons and the bucket. It has had a really crippling effect on the framerate, quite pathetically so in fact - under 30, in a game that consists of nothing but circles and lines!

So I set up Release Mode and was gratified to get a stable framerate well over 120. Well, that's something at least. Picking still doesn't work right, I need to completely remove the ScrollComponent and bake my own replacement (which should hopefully fix pinch-zooming in Android and the weird scroll wheel problem under Windows, as I think it's ScrollComponent that's causing both issues), and that's a big job, so with the school run rapidly approaching I've decided to leave that for next time.

Still, though, a hell of an afternoon's work.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Refactor coming on nicely. I now have the map and the node contents rendering from the same component, and the modelling classes all working strictly in physics space (which I've decided is object space for this project). I've put in a simple "select to view" control method and it's now possible to "look inside" the nodes to see what's there.

It's a bit scrappy looking at this point, so no screenies yet, but very soon.