Thursday, 23 June 2011


Still around, just up to my eyeballs and not much to report. Wrote a lengthy rant about the relationship between games media, popular zeitgeist, and the swarm of consultant/producer-type buzz-wording that so afflicts the industry internally, but it needs a lot of editing to be even remotely ready to post - at the minute it doesn't really make the point I want it to.

So that's coming at some point over the next week, along with a description of the recently-unearthed Homunculus design concept I sent in to the AppUp Accelerator project (and which got rejected, as Intel are apparently much more interested in crap Angry Birds clones).

There's been a small amount of progress on Gestalt, with the first rudiments of the Rule model I'm using to facilitate the changing of the game rules through evolution. Will post much more about that once it's more fully implemented.

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