Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gestalt Progress, Possible GDC, and RPG Cravings

Well, with the distractions and the move out of the way, I've been back on Gestalt again. The three main Axon colours are now in play and interacting as they should, which is nice to see. Need to tweak the physics to make them feel different as well as look different, mind you. Blue Constructs are working, so Paradigm should now be flowing. Next up - Red Constructs, Construct Templates, and the Paradigm Screen. Also more work on embedding the Rules system further into the game.

I'll put up a new video once the Red Constructs and Templates are working.

A wonderful friend of mine has offered to pay for me to go to GDC Europe this year. This is an incredible offer, as GDC Europe is not remotely cheap, and comes with a visit to Gamescom and a week in beautiful Cologne as part of the deal. I'm thinking of accepting on the condition that she come with me - she's a German speaker, so she'd be practically useful, and she loves Germany but has never visited Cologne. Also I'd get to visit Yuri and Gleb again, this time under much less subdued conditions. The whole idea makes me very happy indeed.

Finally, Cerys has been playing the entire set of translated Final Fantasy games, from 4 onwards. It's making me crave old-school RPGs like mad. I want overcomplicated stat systems and turn-based battles, dammit! I'm going to remain focused on Gestalt, of course, but I'm definitely starting to veer towards going ahead with Homunculus as the next project.

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  1. I'm archive skimming while working late.

    Have you tried out Cthulhu Saves the World? It comes with another old-school style RPG ("Breath of Death VII") for $2.99 on Steam and is a reasonably good send-up of rpgs, at least until you get into the grind. Also it's feckin' 'uge.