Monday, 22 August 2011

Back from GDCE/Gamescom

Well, I survived!

I have a hell of a lot of thoughts running around my head after this last week, and I plan on putting them down in words here over the next few days.

Quick comments in the meantime:

- Many of the speeches really didn't feel worth the effort.
- Lots and lots and LOTS of triumphal nonsense about social games taking over the world. Unsurprising but still annoying.
- A few genuinely awesome talks, however. I'll get lists of actual names later, but the standouts were the guy from Epic talking about company history and storytelling, the guy from Bioware talking about Mass Effect monster design, and the guy from Doublesix talking about marketing Burn Zombie Burn. All of which were an excellent mix of hard data and inspiring verbiage.

Meanwhile, I've officially entered Gestalt into the Indie Games Arcade at LGS/Eurogamer Expo in September. We'll see what happens.

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