Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gestalt Update

Node ownership done. Axon spawning (and ratios) done but not fully tested yet. Custard level checks done. Update cycle implemented. Axon physics implemented but completely and utterly broken.

Once Axon physics is working, I'll prettify what I have so far a bit and release some super-early screenies and vids.

After that, here's the tasklist to first demo release:

- Axon joins - creation of Yellow chains, Blue definitions, Red assemblies
- Mouse picking and live control of Axons
- Red auto-assemble

- Red assembly templates
- Clickables on the node screen

- Paradigm Screen
- Feed in paradigm output already calculated
- Unlocking mechanism
- Create 3 or 4 demo paradigms

- Axon structures on the Node Map Screen
- Animation of defensive structures
- Travel along node lines

- Demo enemy Gestalt
- Node possession
- Yellow dump
- Red defences
- It won't expand or produce Paradigm for upgrades

- Frontend improvements
- Updated intro screen
- Music
- Higher quality UI elements

Optional demo tasks:

- Throbbing/Electrical arcing effect on connected Axons
- Invasive enemy AI
- 3-Axon

1 comment:

  1. As an aside, I already have the music and SFX - I identified some leftovers from The Obelisk which are mood-perfect for this project.