Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogger Fail

So. I finally write something people pay attention to, start getting decent page views and get a bunch of comments... and then Blogger dies on its backside. Taking my pageviews and comments with it.

Nice going there Google!

Regardless, there's still one thing I can say about it: At least it's better than LiveJournal.


  1. If you're not happy with blogger, may I suggest WP? And preferably on your own domain instead of as a free hosted blog. If you want help, (ie you don't have time) I can help - websites are my thing :-)


  2. We actually have Wordpress set up on the MCG site, but it's broken as all hell. I got tired of waiting for Ian to sort it out, essentially. I'll probably migrate if it ever actually works.

  3. No problem :-) If you ever want to have someone else deal with any website stuff for you think of me :-P