Monday, 25 April 2011

First Things First

A quick run-down of things as they currently are.

I presently run and work for a little tiny indie games company called Mutant Caterpillar Games. We've actually been around for a year and a half, but we spent a year of that making an XBLA game that never got released and then another half a year chasing shadows. Now we're pushing ahead with our own stuff - or at least I am, while my colleague Ian Gledhill focuses on refurbishing retro computers to bring in the pennies.

We usually have several projects floating around, some of which I can talk about (such as Gestalt, of which you can expect to see quite a bit), some of which I can't. The latter case is typically because there's another company involved who may or may not wish us to talk about it publicly. I'll generally refer to them by codenames - such as "Project M", which is something we're putting a proposal together for right now. But our own projects I'll generally be more than happy to discuss.

I'll also be linking occasional screenshots, videos and demos here. I strongly appreciate feedback - good critique at the start of a project can save me months upon months of wasted time and effort.

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