Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Late Night Coding

It's a dangerous habit to say the least.

I've found myself sitting down after Cerys has gone to bed, telling myself "I'll just put in an hour or so, debug that thing I've been thinking about, then I'll go to bed." Put some music on, open up my IDE...

Then suddenly it's 7:30AM and I'm volunteering to take Cessie's place on the school run as I am, after all, still awake.

And once again it looks like this might be one of those nights. Still, it's doing wonders for my state of mind. It's sort of amazing how much happier I am when I'm able to code. 3 years of illness has made me really cherish the periods when flow is remotely possible.


Can't promise regular future updates, but I've spent some of tonight's candle-burning idiocy on sorting out my various accounts for things so who knows? I have projects I'd like to talk about and projects I'd rather not talk about, so maybe I'll put something together about the former and leave the latter until 10 minutes before release :)

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